Tironui Estate

We have always enjoyed drinking wine and when the opportunity arose that enabled us to produce our own wine, it was too good to turn down. We wanted to produce a wine that would be enjoyed and appreciated, with distinct characteristics. There are hundreds of wines from which to choose, so a customer may well ask, “Why should I select Tironui over and above anything else?” Most importantly, you must like it!
We hope the following reasons will tempt you to stop by and try our wines:

  • With no more than 4500 bottles being produced every year, you will be one of only a comparatively few people enjoying Tironui.
  • All our grapes are from our own vineyard. We do not buy in grapes in bulk.
  • Our grapes are barreled in French Oak, which adds to the flavour.
  • Malbec is the prominent grape variety in the vast majority of our vintages. Malbec has a softer smoother finish than many red grape varieties and is still a not so common grape variety within New Zealand.
  • And of course, we like it and very much hope you will!

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