Cypress Wines

Cypress is the family business of Gus and Melanie Lawson. A couple with an already long career in wine, their beginnings provided the perfect platform for Cypress. Prior to selling Te Awa Farm, the Lawson family purchased a nearby hillside property that provided inspiration for establishing a vineyard with varietals they knew were destined to be Hawke’s Bay global calling cards. Planting began in 2000, with small areas of Chardonnay and Merlot, joined by the Rhone mainstay, Syrah.

The vineyard parcels are planted in harmony with the contours of the terrain —steep, terraced hillside overlooking the Gimblett Gravels for some, stony riverbed for others. These extreme and distinctive growing areas provide an opportunity to produce unique wines true to their origin. Interspersed within the vineyards are the ubiquitous Cypress trees for which the estate is named.

Cypress already has eleven credible vintages under its belt, and currently produces eight wines within their portfolio.

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